The major differences between ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ and ‘Interstellar’: an expert’s analysis

In Star Wars, there are laser blasters with loud sound effects (pewpew). In Interstellar, explosions in space are witnessed in silence.

In Star Wars, spaceships travel at light speed to other galaxies. In Interstellar, a spaceship travels through a wormhole to another galaxy.

In Star Wars, a spherical robot runs cleanly on sand. In Interstellar, a rectangular robot spins like a pinwheel through two foot deep water on a planet with 130% of Earth’s gravity.

In Star Wars, a wookie gets all the chicks wet. In Interstellar, there’s a lot of dust.

Verdict: Basically the same movie.



Smells like team spirit

About to see the new Star Wars. Only a couple hours away. The anticipation is quite (Emperor) palpable.

At Target earlier today, I bought a Star Wars t-shirt: classic blue featuring the schematics for the AT-AT (aka ‘Imperial Walker’) in white. $12.99. It’s pretty boss. I’m going to look super cool and ‘on point’ at the theater along with the rest of the real fans. It’s the 10:30 pm show. 3-D. Sound in full RPX (whatever that means).

A huge poser, I am.