Stumblings in Key West

Key West and Ernest Hemingway are somewhat synonymous with each other (at least I think so). So, being that I’m in Key West and an Ernest Hemingway fan (having read quite a bit of his oeuvre), and domiciled during our stay exactly across the street from the Hemingway house, going on the tour seemed inevitable. Plus, those darn six-toed cats just get me all warm and fuzzy inside. Meow. Pet. Meow. Poop.

Our tour guide was evocative and well-spoken with an enthusiasm that swung between true Hemingway buff and pinkie scoop of China White. I think he was an actor, too, which may, also, explain the searing intensity in his eyes when he recited a particularly engrossing detail. Like when he got to the part of Hemingway shotgunning his brains out.

Hemingway womanized, was married four times, had a number of major concussions (nine reported), was bi-polar, a raging alcoholic, went through electro-shock therapy, changed the literary landscape and only lived in this house from 1931 to 1939.

They’re up to to 53 cats now.

Quite the legacy.

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