What’s the Frequency Flyer Miles, Kenneth?

Customer: Hi I’d like to use my 150,000 frequent flyer miles to book a trip to the Caribbean this February.

Airline: First off, congratulations! We consider you not just a loyal customer but a friend. You would like to go to Cleveland?

C: No, I said Caribbean, not Cleveland.

A: Would you like a rental car with that reservation?

C: No.

A: OK, is this a roundtrip to Cleveland?

C: I don’t want to go to Cleveland.

A: Then, if I may ask, why are you calling?

C: To go to the Caribbean.

A: But have you ever been to Cleveland? It’s not bad.

C: I have been, I just… here, this will help – the airport code I want to go to is NAS.

A: Well first off, thank you! OK, let’s have a look. That destination is blacked out except for hurricane season. Is there somewhere else you’d like to go?

C: Cleveland. More than anything in the world.

A: Wonderful! Would you like a hotel booking as well?

C: Yes, definitely.

A: I see a room with five single beds and a kitchen and no bathroom.

C: Perfect, book it.

A: Congratulations! As for your ticket, it has a quick overnight stop in Pittsburgh then a 5 AM flight to Toledo, which puts you right into the greater Cleveland metropolis just in time for breakfast!

C: Sounds amazing. Book it.

A: Terrific! You need to buy 300 extra miles though, since you don’t have enough. It costs one dollar per mile.

C: 300 dollars on top of my mileage?

A: Yes, for that leg of the trip.

C: Perfect.

A: OK, let’s review your credit card information!

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