Holiday Hiccups!

With Christmas upon us, R#P thought it’d be useful to serve up a list of classic 100 life-threatening or grammatical banana peels to look out for this holiday season. But then I realized, while useful, if no one looks out for number 87–when pronouns of second person and third person are used as subjects, the pronoun following them will be according to the second person pronoun–life will go on. We’ll be fine. Wouldn’t it be more useful to whittle down the list to the top ten?  Then Spuds said, why stop there? Of those ten, which three are the most unequivocal outrageous ball-searing dong-shit-cock-club-a-baby-seal-for-fun fucking dangerous life-threatening grammatical pitfalls to avoid this holiday season?  Here they are:

  • blunt head trauma
  • compound split infinitives
  • killer bees

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